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2018 Student Recruitment Brochure for Foreign Students of Hainan Medical University

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Brief Introduction


HMU is committed to cultivating students in their post capability and leadership skills, enhancing their distinctive talents.


1947, the first President: Mr. Lin Xiaohai;

1948, the first Chairman of the Board: Mr. Song Ziwen;

Over the past 65 years since its founding, Hainan Medical University (HMU) has trained more than 40,000 students, with one academician, and 2 in the provincial level leadership. Graduates from HMU are now working in over 10 different countries and regions includingHong Kong, Macao and Taiwan .

Statistics from 22 county-level comprehensive hospitals show that over 70 % of the hospital directors(presidents) are the graduates from HMU, and 60% of the professionals and technical personnel in the medical departments and academic leading positions in the primary health units of Hainan province are the graduates from HMU.


Hainan Medical University (HMU) covers an area of 420,000 square meters.

The total enrollment at present is over 14,000 students, including 8,925 full-time students, and 116 overseas students.

The bachelor degree education program provides 26 majors (specialty) in the disciplines of medical science, science, and management. The three-year program provides 21 majors(specialty).

HMU has 4 affiliated hospitals and 84 teaching (practicing) bases including the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the First and Second Affiliated Hospitals ofSun Yat-sen University, Xiangya Hospital of Central-south University and West China Hospital of Sichuan University.

Specialty Provision

There are 26 undergraduate majors (specialty) in 2012.

Teaching Staff

The present staff number of HMU is 2,472, with 510 professors and specialists. 73% of of the 514 full-time teachers hold master’s or doctor’s degrees, and 57 of them are professors, 126 are associate professors. 1 is listed among the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 14 have been entitled for the special subsidy from the State Council, 5 have entered the “Program for New Century Excellent Talents” under the Ministry of Education, 6 are vice chairmen of the secondary national academic committees under the Chinese Medical Association and other academic associations, 11 are members of the standing committee or the council, and 18 are chairmen or directors of the provincial academic committees.

Distinctive Features of Majors and Disciplines

National level specialty: Clinical Medicine;

National level specialty: Pharmacology;

National Demonstration Center for Laboratory Teaching: Clinical Skills Training Center of Hainan province, and Hainan provincial Demonstration Center for Laboratory Teaching;

National Base of Education and Training: Training Center for General Medicine of Hainan province, and Hainan Provincial General Medical Practitioner Training Center;

The key discipline in Traditional Chinese Medicine under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Hepatobiliary Diseases with TCM;

National Base for Science Popularization: Hainan Provincial Science and Technology Hall of Human Life;

National Base for Clinical Pharmaceutical Testing for respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gynecological and obstetric, urological, endocrine, and digestive diseases;

Provincial level key laboratories:

Key Laboratory of Tropical Diseases in Hainan Province;

Key Laboratory of Research and Development of Tropical Medicinal Plants in HainanProvince;

Key Laboratory of Preclinical Pharmacological and Toxicological Research of Drugs inHainan Province;

Key Laboratory of Human Reproduction and Genetics in Hainan Province (in preparation);

Key Laboratory of Tumor Intervention and Occurrence in Hainan Province (in preparation).

Over the past 5 years, the university has won 30 provincial Sci-tech achievement awards.

224 papers have been cited by SCIEIISTP, 47 academic books have been published and 58 textbooks have been compiled. Up to now, the university has conducted 37 natural sciences research projects.

Asia-Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, the only English-version international journal of tropical medicine in China has been cited by all the international medical retrieval systems (including SCI, Medline).

Hainan Medical University Journal has been selected into Chinese Sci-tech Periodicals Citation Report (Core Edition). It has been included in 11 major international databases and 12 international retrieval systems, with its citation rate ranking fourth among more than 230 medical colleges journals.

International Cooperation

The university has offered overseas education with majors including Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Nursing.

It has also established international cooperation with universities including the University of Utah (USA), Newcastle University (UK), Queensland University of Technology ( Australia ) in the fields of undergraduates exchanging postgraduate and doctorate students collective cultivating.


Over the past years, the passing rate of the Nurse License Qualification Test has reached 100%, “zero distance” employment rate has reached 90%, the rate of first-time employment of its graduates is over 95%, annual employment rate is 100%, and over 95% of the employers have been satisfied with its graduates.

The passing rate of the Doctor License Qualification Test has been high, with 100% of students of 2002 having passed the test, the passing rate of students of 2003-2005 reaching over 80%, and the second-time passing rate up to 100%.

The university has been awarded such honorary titles as “Unit for Advancement in Employment Rate of Graduates from National Institutions of Higher Learning”, and “Unit for Excellency in Employment Rate of Graduates from Institutions of Higher Learning in Hainanprovince”, etc.

The employers include many well-known medical and health units and primary hospitals both in and outside of Hainan province, such as the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Beijing First Aid Center, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, theAffiliated Hospitals of Sun Yat-sen University, Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University, the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, etc. In particular, the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army has recruited 135 students from HMU in recent two years.

Over the past three years, the employment rate of graduates from HMU has ranked among the top in Hainan province.

Campus Culture

School motto: virtue, rigor, erudition, harmony

Prizes won by our students:

Ling Xuebin, Wei Chunli, Chen Xinxu, Xu Jin of 2006 majoring in  Clinical Medicine won the first prize in the South China region and second prize in the national finals for the second national medical  college students’ clinical skill contest.

Chen Wenji of 2005 majoring in Clinical Medicine won the first national prize during the Chinese Elite Doctor Show for the 2012 Spring Leike Cup Challenge on Rheumalism Theme Cases.

Liu Mengchen of 2008 majoring in Traditional Chinese Medicine won the second prize in "Golden Bridge · Lan Lang" Cup of the second national contest for college students career planning and the Best Innovation Award.

In 2009, the Dai ethnic group dance huayaohua won the first prize of the non-professional group in the second national college students’ art exhibition.

Subject and School Fee

1. Undergraduate courses of Medicine

Clinic Medicine

 Six years


Chinese and western Medicine

Six years


After graduating from our university, you can get a Chinas diploma in higher education for higher education and grant a bachelor's degree.

2.Chinese courses

Long-term course (Chinese)

0ne year 20 hours per week


Short-term course (Chinese)

8 weeks 20 hours per week

RMB 2400

16weeks 20 hours per week


3.Other courses


One year 20 hours per week


16 weeks 22 hours per week



One year 20 hours per week


16 weeks 22 hours per week


Application Conditions:

1. Age of 18 to 30, healthy, non Chinese citizens with foreign valid ordinary passports

2. High school diplomas

3. Abide by the laws and regulations of People's Republic of China


Application Documents:

1. Application Form for Foreign Students in Hainan Medical University. You can download and print from the Internet. Please fill in it carefully and put a picture on it.  

Note: to apply for scholarships, the application form for the international student scholarship of the Hainan provincial government should be submitted simultaneously.

2. Origins or Copies of High School Diploma. Chinese or English translations of notarized Chinese or English text should also be provided.

3. Copies of passports (ordinary passports during the period of validity)

4. A notarized non criminal proof; non Chinese and English texts should be attached to the corresponding Chinese or English translations of the notarized.

5. If there are documents that can prove their comprehensive ability, such as HSK (HSK) certificate, award-winning certificate and related recommendation letters, they can be submitted at the time of application. Our school will give priority to it when it is accepted.

TOEFL score 78 and above or IELTS performance 6 and above priority

Color blindness, metropolitan shall not apply for medical specialties (school in freshmen of blindness, servo screening, does not meet the conditions will not be accepted)

The above materials are not refundable, whether or not it is accepted.

Application Time:

1. Deadline for registration of medical undergraduates

  Autumn enrolment: July 30th

2. Registration Date of Chinese Pre-students:

Autumn enrolment: July 30th


Applications must be sent before July 30, 2018. The scholarship applicants need to send the relevant materials before April 15, 2018.


Visa Formalities

After the examination of the admission application for foreign students, the Hainan Medical University issued a notice of admission to the applicant and a visa application form to China (JW202). The applicant must go to the hospital designated by the Chinese Embassy within 4 months before the beginning of the course. The applicant applies to the Chinese embassy or consulate for a study (X) visa on the basis of the admission notice, the visa application form to China (JW202) and the medical examination report.


Other expenses (Unit: RMB)

1. Registration Fee: RMB400

2. Hotel expense: RMB 4800 per person / year ; RMB3600 yuan double room / year

3. Water and electricity: Public utilities are free of charge and you need pay the fee of water utilities in the room





Fax: +86-

Address: Hainan Medical University, No.3 Xueyuan Road, Longhua District, Haikou, Hainan Province, China.





Welcome to Hainan Medical University    

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