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Hainan Medical University Admission Brochure(Postgraduate Programme 2018-2019)

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1. School Size of Hainan Medical University.

2. Brief Introduction to Postgraduate Disciplines

2.1 Basic Medical Sciences

2.2 Clinical Medicine

2.3 Pharmaceutical Sciences

3. Brief Introduction to Postgraduate Programmes (Professional)

3.1 Master of Medicine (M. M)

3.2 Master of Nursing Specialist (MNS)

3.3 Master of Public Health (MPH)

4. Catalog of Research Postgraduate Programmes

5. Catalog of Professional Postgraduate Programmes


1. School Size of Hainan Medical University

Hainan Medical University (HMU) is located in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province in China. The University covers an area of 42 hectares and currently, there are over 18000 students, 2677 faculty and staff. It has 3 first-level disciplines, basic medical sciences, clinical medicine and pharmaceutical sciences to confer Master's degree. There are also 3 disciplines, clinical medicine, nursing, public health to confer professional master's degree. Hainan Medical University has 3 affiliated hospitals and 86 teaching and internship bases, including the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital, the first and second affiliated hospitals of Zhongshan University, Xiangya Hospital Central of South University and West China Hospital of Sichuan University, etc.

2. Brief Introduction to Postgraduate Disciplines

2.1. Basic Medical Sciences

Basic medical sciences, our first-level discipline, is constructed by the School of Basic Medical Sciences, and School of Tropical Medicine and Laboratory Medicine, with the supportive teaching and research institutions as Key Laboratory of Tropical Diseases, Key Laboratory of Tumorigenicity and Intervention of Hainan Province, and Scientific Experiment Center.

This discipline currently has 20 academic supervisors, some among whom are selected for National Talents Project, New Century Excellent Talents from Ministry of Education of China and enjoying the special allowance of the state council, young and middle-aged experts who have made outstanding contribution to China, etc. there are over 70 national projects in research and the research funds reach 20 million or more. 7 provincial and ministerial-level progress prizes were granted in science and technology in recent five years.

2.2 Clinical Medicine

Teaching and research of clinical medicine are mainly supported by Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University. Affiliated Hospital has experts enjoying the special allowance of the state council, such as Liao Xiao-ping, Lv Chuan-zhu, Chen Zhi-bin, Mu Zhong-lin and Yun Mei-ling. 72.5% of our 273 full-time teaching staff have been awarded high academic titles, and 49.1% have high degrees (38 doctors and 96 masters). 26 departments in Affiliated Hospital are qualified to offer the state-level standardized training for medical graduates before they become resident doctors, covering almost all secondary disciplines of clinical medicine listed by the Ministry of Education, and all can undertake the graduate training work in clinical medical science. At present, Clinical medicine of HMU has 2 national key construction clinical specialties, 1 key laboratory of Hainan province, 2 key disciplines the education department of Hainan province support, 4 key medical disciplines of Provincial Health Department and 7 clinical specialties have got the qualification of national drug clinical trials.

Affiliated Hospital of HMU is one of the first medical institutions that have been approved by the Ministry of Health to work on human assisted reproductive technology. In the past five years, School of Clinical Medicine has got 345 new scientific research projects, and new funds amounted to 26.4786 million yuan with 20 million yuan being used in research.

2.3 Pharmaceutical Sciences

In 2009, School of Pharmacy of HUM became one of the five tentative certification units in pharmacy approved by Ministry of Education, and became a national feature specialty unit in 2010. the School has key laboratory of tropical medicinal plant research and development, preclinical pharmacology and toxicology research laboratories of Hainan Province, and it is the national certification of drug safety evaluation center of Hainan Province. School of pharmacy has precision instruments such as liquid chromatography, gas chromatograph and low pressure column chromatography system. It has built a technology innovation platform for the getting of south medicine drugs bioactive products and the research of preparation process and the pharmacokinetics. It also set up an experimental platform for the study of drug pharmacology, toxicology and their mechanism.


3. Brief Introduction to Postgraduate Programmes (Professional)

3.1 Master of Medicine (M. M.)

Taking the cultivation of the ability of clinical practice as its core and following the outline of the Training Project (the state-level standardized training for medical graduates before they become resident doctors), Master of Medicine Programme aims at fostering high-quality, practice-oriented professional talents who have the life-long learning abilities and innovative abilities. The Programme links up the cultivation of Master of Medicine with the Project effectively, and is combined with comprehensive quality education such as scientific research at the same time. Students who pass relevant exams will get four certificates when graduate—Certificate of the Master’s degree, Certificate of Graduation, Practitioners certificate and certificate of the Project—and their clinic ability will reach the level of senior residents.

3.2 Master of Nursing Specialist (MNS)

To serve the talent needs for the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island, the cultivation of Master of Nursing Specialist takes the development of clinical nursing ability as its core. It adopts two-for-one tutorial system which means an academic tutor and a practical tutor at training base instruct one student in clinical training together, and combines nursing practice with scientific research, teaching and management. The cultivation of Master of Nursing Specialist aims at developing high-quality and practical nurses with the ability of teaching, management and scientific research along with the latest knowledge and technology of specific nursing. The graduates are expected to carry out evidence-based practice independently and solve practical problems of clinical nursing in the professional field.

3.3 Master of Public Health (MPH)

Master of Public Health, also known as “the MBA in health industry”, is internationally recognized as the mainstream of the degree in Public Health realm. MPH aims at cultivating high-level, interdisciplinary, applied talents with high quality, especially high-level talents specialized in Public Health Management, Health Emergency Management, Hospital Administration and Health Management etc. for public health sections including related government departments, Centers for Disease Control, hospitals, community health service, Health supervision and quarantine agencies, customs and WHO etc.

4. Catalog of Research Postgraduate Programmes 2015


Research Orientation


School of Basic Medical sciences


Human Anatomy and Histology and Embryology

01 Molecular Anthropology

02 Applied Basic Research of Nervous System Damage and Degenerative Diseases

03 Neurodegenerative Diseases



01 Molecular Immunology

02 Clinical Research and Application of Stem Cells

03 Anti-infections Immunity


Pathogen Biology

01 The molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in Tropical Pathogens

02 Molecular Pathogen Biology


Pathology and


01 Molecular Oncology

02 Tumorigenesis and Intervention

03 Tumor Pathology

04 Medical Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology

05 Regulation of Gene Expression

06 Molecular Mechanism of Genetic and Metabolic Disease


Forensic Medicine

01 Forensic Medicine

School of Clinical Medicine




01 Occurrence Mechanism of coronary artery atherosclerosis and Its Prevention

02 The clinical study of Liver Disease and Its Pathogenesis

03 Cardiovascular Pathology

04 Signal Transduction Mechanisms of Blood and Tumor Disease



01 Central Neurodegenerative Disease and Stem Cell Transplantation to Repair

02 Epilepsy

03 Cerebrovascular Disease and Peripheral Neuropathy

04 Neurological Autoimmune Disease

05 Movement Disorders


Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

01 Abdominal imaging and Tumor Molecular Imaging

02 Interventional Therapy

03 Molecular Imaging Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy by Radionuclide



01 Basic and Clinical Research of Orthopaedic Biological Materials

02 Minimally Invasive technique,

Biological Material

03 Research of Trauma and Orthopaedic Materials and Basic Research of Traumatic Injury

04 Maxillofacial Surgery

05 Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery and Liver Transplantation

06 Urology and Male Reproductive System Tumor

07 Brain Tumors and the Skull Base of Surgery

08 Minimally Invasive treatment for Gastrointestinal Tumors

09 Technology Research of Comprehensive treatment of Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer


Obstetrics and


01 Reproduction and Genetics

02 Gynecological Oncology

03 Prenatal Diagnosis and Fetal Medicine



01Basic and Clinical Science of Otolaryngology


Emergency Medicine

01 Clinical and Basic Research of

Emergency Medicine

02 Emergency Internal Medicine

03 Emergency Surgery

04 Critical Care Medicine

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Pharmaceutical Chemistry

01 The Studies on Active Ingredients of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Products

02 The Development and Utilization of Tropical Medicinal Resources



01 Study of Pharmaceuticals

02 The Development and Utilization of Medicinal Resources


Pharmaceutical Analysis

01 Research of Drug Analysis and Quality Standards

02 Pharmacokinetic Study



01 Research of Drug Pharmacology and Toxicology

02 Experimental and Clinical Research of Endocrinopathy and Metabolic Disease with TCM

03 Cardiovascular and Anti-tumor Pharmacology

5. Catalog of Professional Postgraduate Programmes

School of Clinical Medicine



Internal Medicine






Imaging and Nuclear Medicine


Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics




Obstetrics and Gynecology




Rehabilitation Medicine &Physiatry






Clinical Pathology



Health Care and Hospital Management

Health Emergency Management

Health Management

Medical Insurance

Drug and Food Supervision and Management

Health Policy and Law



Disease Control and Prevention

Maternal and Child Care and Reproductive Health

Community Health and Health Education

and Health Inspection & Enforcement

International School


105400 Nursing

Internal Nursing

Surgical Nursing

Women & Children's Nursing

Critical Care Nursing

Tuition is RMB 22000 a year. The each year admission brochure should be taken as valid and binding.

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