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2019 Doctoral Student Recruitment Brochure for International Students of Hainan Medical University

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 I. Brief Introduction

Hainan Medical University is located in Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province. Running for 71 years, It shoulders the responsibility of cultivating high-level medical and health talents for China (Hainan) pilot free trade zone and free trade port with Chinese characteristics, national Belt And Road construction and south China sea strategy.

The school base area covers an area of 628 acres. Guilin Ocean Campus Planning covers an area of nearly 1000 mu. There are 4 affiliated hospitals with more than 7800 beds. Qualifications of doctoral education, master education, overseas education, general undergraduate education, higher vocational education and adult education are required. At present, there are five authorized points for doctoral degree in primary disciplines of clinical medicine, five authorized points for master's degree in basic medicine, clinical medicine, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine and biology, and five authorized majors for master's degree in clinical medicine, public health, nursing, pharmacy and stomatology. The total enrollment at present is more than 12000 students. The present staff number of HMU is 1106, including 671 full-time teachers, 507 with senior titles, 785 with master’s and doctor’s degree, 7 high-level academicians, 3 Yangtze River Scholars, 1 high-level talent of "1000 Talents Plan”, 12 experts with special allowance from State Council, 4 selected for National Talents Project, 1 selected for New Century Talent Project and 5 selected as the Excellent Talent of Hainan Province. At the same time, more than 80 academicians and well-known scholars at home and abroad were employed as visiting professors.

HMU is the first batch of pilot colleges and universities of the national excellent doctor education training program, the first batch of pilot undergraduate colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education for comprehensive professional reform and the first batch of pilot units of educational informatization. It has a number of Nationally Certified majors, national characteristic majors, national key construction specialties, national experimental teaching demonstration centers, national popular science education bases, the first national joint research center in the whole province, as well as a number of provincial key disciplines, provincial characteristic majors, provincial key laboratories, provincial teaching teams and provincial top-quality courses. HMU also has seven academician workstations and two postdoctoral research workstations. HMU cooperates with University of Hongkong to establish Joint Laboratory of Tropical Infectious Diseases. HMU sponsors six journals, of which the Asia-Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine (English edition) and the Asia-Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine (English edition) have entered all the famous international retrieval databases including SCI, the Journal of Acute Diseases (English edition) has entered ESCI, and the influencing factors of Journal of Hainan Medical College are listed in the Citation Report (core edition) of Chinese scientific journals. Journals of medical colleges and universities rank first. In 2018, clinical medicine in schools became the first subject in Hainan Province to enter the top 1% of ESI in the world.

Enrollment Categories and Admission Conditions

1. Enrollment Categories


Training Level





Doctoral Degree

Clinical MedicineAcademic Degree


3 years

2. Admission Conditions


Doctoral Degree Education

Basic Conditions

Non Chinese citizens who hold valid foreign passports; abide by Chinese laws, regulations and school rules and regulations; be honest and trustworthy; be healthy.


Age of 18 to 40

Certificates Provided

Notarized undergraduate diploma and bachelor's degree certificate; Achievement certificate issued by undergraduate graduate colleges and universities during the undergraduate study period, with single subject score not less than 60, GPA score up to 2.0 and above; Notarized master's diploma and master's degree certificate; Achievement certificate issued by master's graduate colleges and universities during the master's study period, with single subject score not less than 60, GPA score up to 2. Certificate of HSK 4 or above; TOEFL or IELTS transcript

Other Materials

Certificate of physical examination

Non criminal record certificate ;

Creditworthiness certificate

The recommendation letters of two associate professors or professors.

Doctoral Entrance Examination

1Relevant requirements are detailed in 2019 Measures for Enrollment of Overseas Doctoral Students in Hainan Medical University.

2Specialty Details are in 2019 Catalogue of Enrollment Specialties for Doctoral Students Overseas of Hainan Medical University.

III. Expense (RMB)

Tuition Fees and Other Related Expenses



Registration FeePer

RMB 400

Tuition Fee(每人/学年)

RMB25,000/person/school year

File Management Fee

RMB500/person/school year

Chinese Textbook Fee


Other Expense

1.Physical exam fee: RMB 400/person;

2.Residence permission fee: RMB 800/person/year

3.Comprehensive insurance fee: RMB700/person/year.

The three fees are directly paid to the relevant department by students.

Accommodation Fee

Type of accommodation



Double Room

RMB3600/person/school year

Air conditioner, water heater and toilet;

Access to the Internet and water and electricity;

Single person view of actual situation

Single Room

RMB4800/person/school year


1. In accordance with the relevant China’s laws and regulations, foreign students must live in the students' dormitories in the first year. After the first two terms in university, foreign students can declare to the school that they choose to live out.

2. The fees for Preparatory Education and Chinese training will be subject to the provisions of the agreement.

IV. Application Procedures

1. Application Form for Foreign Students in Hainan Medical University

You can download and print from the Internet. Please fill in it carefully and put a picture on it.  

Note: To apply for scholarships, the application form for the international student scholarship of the Hainan provincial government should be submitted simultaneously.

2.Submission of relevant materials:

(1) Origins or Copies of High School Diploma. Chinese or English translations of notarized Chinese or English text should also be provided.

(2) Copies of passports (ordinary passports during the period of validity)

(3) A notarized non criminal proof; non Chinese and English texts should be attached to the corresponding Chinese or English translations of the notarized.

3. If there are documents that can prove their comprehensive abilities, such as HSK (HSK) certificate, award-winning certificate and related recommendation letters, they can be submitted at the time of application. Our school will give priority to it when accepted.

★ TOEFL score 78 and above or IELTS performance 6 and above priority

★ Color blindness, metropolitan shall not apply for medical specialties (school in freshmen of blindness, servo screening, does not meet the conditions will not be accepted)

★ The above materials are not refundable, whether or not it is accepted.

4. All materials will be submitted to the designated school mailboxe in the due time and enclosed the applicant's contact number.


V.  Application Time

Preparatory students (Autumn enrolment)

Deadline for application: Before 1st, June

Deadline for registration: Before 4th , September.  Those who are overdue will not be accepted.


VI . Admission Process

1. Application for admission.

Please send all application materials to the designated school mailbox.

2. Qualification evaluation for admission.

Our school will organize the relevant staff to conduct qualification examination, determine the accepted students and issue the admission notice

3. Pay RMB 5000 for tuition fee in advance ( service charge at their own expenses)

· Account title: Hainan Medical University

·  Bank Account: Qiongshan Branch, Bank of China, Hainan, China

· Number of Bank Account:  266254216592

4. Deal with Visa formalitie.

After receiving the admission notice and JW202 form sent by our school, students should go to the Chinese embassy or consulate general as soon as possible to complete the visa formalities.


5 Registration.

Within the time stipulated in the admission notice, the original and copy of the relevant materials such as the admission notice, the JW202 form, the original copy of the certificate, the original personal passport, 8 passport photos and other related materials are submitted to our school, and all the expenses are directly submitted to the school.

Special Notice: Applicants must register on time according to the date of admission notice. For those who fail to register on time, they should provide proof materials to ask for leave from our school ahead of time, not exceeding two weeks at the longest. Permission is granted to a deferred admission, otherwise they will be automatically cancelled their admission.

★If students need the airport pick-up, please inform us the flight information in advance. We will provide the paid pick-up service within the specified registration time.

★According to China’s law, freshmen should register immediately on arrival at our school within 24 hours and make registration of accommodation at local police station.Or violators will be given a warning or punishment.

VII. Scholarships

Hainan Medical University International Student Scholarship

For excellent students, HMU will select Hainan Medical University International Students Scholarship at the end of every school year.


VIII. Contact Us

Phone: +86-+86-

Admission Office: +86-

Fax: +86-

Address: School of International Education, No.3 Xueyuan Road, Longhua District, Haikou, Hainan,China.

Post Code: 571199


Websites: (Hainan Medical University
 of International Education, Chinese home page of International Education,        English home page

This Recruitment Brochure is explained by the Recruitment and Employment Department of Hainan Medical University and School of International Education.

               Welcome to Hainan Medical University.


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