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Measures for Admission of International Ph.D Candidates of Hainan Medical University

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According to the Ministry of Education's OfficeNotice on Further Standardizing and Strengthening the Enrollment of Postgraduate Examinations(Educational Department [2019]2) and the spirit of related documents, we have formulated the method of admission of Ph.D candidates to study in our university in 2019.

I. Guiding Ideology

To improve the quality of selection as the corewe enroll on demandmeasure morality, intelligence and physique comprehensivelyadmit the best examinee and take quality before quantity. Adhere to collective leadership, collective decision-making, strengthen institutional awareness, procedural awareness. Do a good job of information disclosure, policy interpretation and examinee service work, to ensure that admission work opportunities are fair, procedures are open and  results are fair.

II. Organization & Management

The leading group of graduate enrollment in schools is responsible for the unified leadership and overall management of the admission of international Ph.D candidates, and the specific work is jointly responsible for the organization and implementation of School of international Education. The inspection Department of the Disciplinary Commission is responsible for supervising.


III. Preliminary Examination

The preliminary examination includes professional basic course and 2 specialized courses. 100 points per course. Exam subjects are detailed in the 2019 Hainan Medical University full-time clinical medicine academic study Ph.D candidates Enrollment Profession Catalogue

IV. Reexamination

Part I Reexamination List Confirmation

1.Requirements: The total score of the preliminary examination shall reach our school's the shortlisted score.

2.Reexamination List: Based on the number of admissions plans in the research direction of each of the two levels, the reexamine list is determined by the difference ratio, and the difference ratio is generally not less than 1:1.2, which is calculated at 1 when less than 1.

3.The names, candidate numbers and other information of candidates with retest qualifications will be published on the official website of our University's Institute of International Education.

Part II Reexamination Content

The retest adopts the form of interview in the Chinese question and way to answer: mainly on the examinee's Chinese level, the professional ability, the comprehensive quality etc..The score is 100 points.

V. Comprehensive Total Score

The comprehensive total score includes the preliminary examination score and the reexamine result. The calculation method is as follows:

Comprehensive total score = preliminary score (equivalent to percentile) *40%+ reexamination results *60%


VI. Physical Examination

Medical examination standard with reference to the "General institutions of higher learning guidance on the examination of Admissions" (Educational Department20033) which is developed by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Chinese Paralympic Committee andNotice on the problems related to the examination and cancellation of Hepatitis B project by students enrolled in general colleges and universities(Educational Department20102) which is developed by Office of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health was carried out.

VII. Admission

(一)In strict accordance with the Professional research direction of the Admissions program for admission, the order of admission is as follows:

1.The candidates who apply for the same professional research direction are sorted from high to low according to the total score of admission. Then determination of the proposed admission list and admit the best examinee

2.If total entrance scores are same, then according to the reexamination results, the initial results of the preliminary examination, the achievements of specialized courses, professional Basic course results in turn, high performance is preferred.

(二)The professional Admissions Program school of non-qualified candidates according to the source, tutor, score situation to adjust by the graduate admissions leading group audit agreed to implement.

(三)The list of candidates to be admitted shall be reviewed by the leading group of graduate enrollment in the school and reported to the Provincial Examinations Authority and the Ministry of Education for approval.

VIII. Public disclosure of information

The school publishes the admission method the School of International Education, the list of candidates to be admitted, the telephone number of the examinee's consultation complaint, the email address, etc. on the official website. One of the proposed admission list will be published on the School Admissions Network.The publicity period is not less than 10 working days. If the candidates have any objection, please lodge a complaint with the leading group of graduate enrollment in Hainan Medical University during the publicity period.

VIIII. Violation handling

1. Our school implements the school, the hospital level two reexamination inspection Inspector system. In the reexamination process, the reexamination inspection team will go deep into the reexamination site to carry out inspection and supervision of the reexamination work.

2. Our school implements the responsibility system and the accountability system. The leading group of graduate admissions in the International Institute of Education and the examination teams of various disciplines (majors) are fully responsible for the fairness and reexamination results of the retest process. All those involved in the admission process should be serious and responsible, sign a confidentiality agreement, and effectively maintain the fairness of the admission work.

3. Ensure that the channels of complaint are open. In order to deal with disputes arising from admissions in a timely mannerwhile publicity about the information, it is necessary to ensure that the channels of consultation, complaint and supervision of candidates are open. If there is a candidate to file a complaint, they should be accepted and timely reply.

Our school adopt a 0 tolerance attitude to violation of admissions policies and regulations and infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of candidates. If we found any case, we will scrutinize it and never appease. The Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department will be in the thorough supervision of the reexamination and admission process. In any event of a violation of admissions policies and discipline, we will take it seriously in accordance with the relevant regulations.Those who would commit serious circumstances are investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

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Hainan Medical University

May 24, 2019


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