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School of International Education held the welcome party for 2019 new students

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The arrival of the new semester has injected new vitality into the school, and the International Education College of Hainan Medical College has welcomed new students, who are full of vitality and confidence.

In order to show the welcome to the new students and let the students feel the warmth of the whole English class of the International Education School held the New Year party themed "first intention to wait, embark with dreams" at 19:00 on October 27, 2019 in the multi-functional lecture hall of Hainan Medical College.

In this evening party, we have the honor to invite Zeng Mei, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Wang Mingxing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of education and industry, and Yuan Yong, deputy secretary of the International Education Institute.

The party was kicked off by the dance "Friday" by Qiu Ziwei and his little partner, all English class 16. Then 17 and all English class Yang Shouhong and other students brought martial arts performance "dazzle dance double truncation stick", let us feel the spirit of Chinese martial arts shock. Xu Jiachen, a 19 grade all English class, and his little friend brought us the musical you were a teenager. Li Chengming and Xiong Tao from Hainan Medical College have brought us songs, the society of heart language and sign language has brought us "no more wandering", the society of social dance has brought us the performance "Jiangnan", the performance "one call away" is performed by Yang Yanjie, Jiang Endong and Zhang Mingliang from the 19 level English class, lemon and Li Guan from the 18 level English class Lu and Niu Yuanhui sang the ordinary road.

The overseas students brought the musical "friends" to record their study in China.

The good time is always so short, the party played the prelude in the chorus of teachers' music poem reading "my motherland" and "me and my motherland".

The purpose of the party is to enrich the students' after-school life, explore cultural talents, and strengthen the communication between old and new students and teachers. Through the new year's party, we express our welcome to the class 19 freshmen, so that they can quickly integrate into the family of the school of international education, and at the same time give the same school a stage to show themselves, release talents and enhance friendship.

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