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Congratulation to all the great athletes from School of International Education

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   The 2019 Hainan medical university Sports meeting was successfully concluded in three days. In the past three days, there has been a fierce competition in the sports field, with different styles and high morale. We have witnessed the efforts and demeanor of all the athletes and students of the school. We have seen that the athletes are fighting bravely and tenaciously, and Chinese and foreign students were working together.

The school of international education made another great achievement in the school games in 2019:

Fourth place in the women's 100m Agatha mckees

Women 800 meters Li ziyue third

First place in women's shot put Princess Sara

Fourth place of practice kahali

First place in women's 400m Glenda lubuto Tutula

Fourth place in women's 200m Glenda lubuto Tutula

First place in the women's discus Princess Sara

Fourth place, pray kahali

Third place in men's shot put frizz

First place in the men's 100m oloying tijesuni adebayo

Jam nsegbe second place

First place in the men's 400m Kwao Teye

Henry amoful Sixth

First place of amudhan in men's long jump

Second place for men's 800m amudhan

First place in men's 200m Kano Teye Emmanuel

Second place for Tam nesgbe

First place in men's 4 * 100m

First place in men's 4 * 400m

Third place in women's 4 * 100m

Third place in women's 4 * 400m

(women's shot put and men's 100 meter school record breaking)

    No pains, no gains. What the athletes get through the competition is not only the certificate, but also the sports spirit that inspires them. It is the understanding and support of the students at the end of the competition and the friendly communication between Chinese and foreign students. Let's look forward to their success in next year's sports meeting!



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