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Enrollment Process for Foreign Students of Hainan Medical University

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I. Application materials:

1. Application Form for Foreign Students in Hainan Medical University (Annex 1, cooperative company or applicant log on to the Hainan Medical University Institute of International Education

2. Copies of Passport (It is valid for at least six months, with personal information on the front page of the passport. The copy must be clear, complete, 2 copies, and the original copy is presented.)

3. Copies of high school diploma (Non - English diploma is required to provide English translations and notaries, and the original documents are presented at the time of arrival.)

4. Copies of  high school transcript (The transcript of non English high school needs to be provided with English translation and notarization.)

II. Address on Application Materials

Submit the above paper application materials to the International Student Admissions Office of the Institute of education and send its electronic version to the public mailbox at the same time.

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